Natural Light + Documentarian

I am drawn to photographing people, give me a bonnie view and I’ll stand back and frame the folk experiencing it.

The gold I am after is people connecting to their environment and each other. For me, connection and relationship are ultimately what life is about.

I use a mix of lifestyle photography and raw documentary for my work. Using the art of lightly guiding my clients into natural poses and then anticipating real moments to document.

I believe we should celebrate the here and now. My hope is the images I make will be a true family portrait, showing the treasure you have now, becoming heirlooms for the future.

What is included?

I send out a wee ‘get to know you’ questionnaire, this helps me tailor the session to your unique family.

Your family session in your home or within 15 miles of Nethybridge

5 digital images, with full print* release available to you through your own private online gallery. You can download these and share with family and friends. You will receive the link to your password protected gallery usually within 2 weeks of your session.

*The images have full print release meaning you can have these printed yourself. However I do recommend higher quality fine art prints to show off your images best. Information and pricing for prints can be found in your personalised online shop linked to your gallery.

What to expect?

For In-Home sessions I come to your home and photograph your family in your natural habitat. We will keep everything natural as you all would be on an ordinary day. For outdoor sessions we will meet on location and I will spend the first 5 minutes getting to know you all.

I spend the next 15 minutes or so taking some informal posed images, with some light direction from me. After that I will let the session unfold naturally and I’ll be there to capture everything in a documentary style.

I understand that some of you may be nervous, of having your photos taken, or worrying the children will ‘misbehave’*, or not knowing what to do during the session. Let me assure you each family is unique so there is no right or wrong way to do your family session. I will be there to help and will direct as and when needed. Please do not feel you need to ask your children to look at the camera or smile, exploring your surroundings or having fun together will create the most honest portrait of you and your family.

See this as a chance to be together with your own clan. Laughs; snuggles; kisses; hide and seek and bouncing on the bed all encouraged. Let me hear your best jokes if that’s your thing or maybe you like to tell each other stories or sing songs.

* I fully expect them to! I have three young children of my own and know what it’s like. I will have some tricks up my sleeve so leave this to me and allow yourself to relax, comfort them or let them run free and I assure you we will capture the moments.

What to wear,

It really is up to you!

I want to document you as a family, so be yourselves. However, I do recommend thinking a little about your outfits. It is worth avoiding bright neons etc as they reflect unflattering tones onto the skin, too many pattern choices or logos can be distracting and hats cover up lovely faces. However do not shy away from rich colours, as I love colour!

If you are indoor folk and like to be inside in your slipper socks and wrapped up cosy in a favourite blanket, then why not be photographed like that? If you love the outdoors and your wellies, let us go find some puddles together. Maybe you love style and colour? Then you may relish the chance to play around with different colour combinations. An idea is to layout your families clothes together to see how the colours sit together. Imagine you are creating one outfit that coordinates. It’s a good idea to have some neutrals alongside rich colours. Feel free to send me a wee pic of your clothes line-up if you are unsure.

The colours you wear are like adding bursts of colour to your home or the landscape. Is your home light and airy, then wear light blues, neutrals and whites. Or like me, are you all about the mustard yellows and deep reds that compliment my heirloom (read handed down!) furniture.

Dresses can add beautiful movement to a portrait set against the Scottish landscape, clothes such a tweed can really add texture. The main thing is you are comfortable, especially your wee ones. Hey and if that means they want to wear a onesie, let’s go with it!

It is worth noting with newborns it is good to have a number of outfits ready. As we all know newborns can need a change! Newborns can also be photographed just wrapped in a favourite muslin or special baby blanket. This can create a beautiful portrait and allows me to capture all the little details of newborns like their tiny toes!


Do I need to tidy my home for my at-home session ? It is my job to find the right angles to create beautiful portraits of you and your family. When I first arrive I will have a quick look round and find some spots. If I feel anything may need moved I can help you with this during the session. If you are worried about clutter I will be focusing on spaces near windows with the best available light. Above all I will be focusing on you, your love and connection and that trumps everything!

What if our house is too dark? I will find the light, that is my job!

What if the weather is bad for our outdoor session? As long as it is dry we can go ahead and if it is cold we can always bundle up. However if there is heavy rain or high winds I will arrange to reschudule your session or we can arrange the session indoors. I will be in touch the morning of your session to confirm weather arrangements.

Where will we go for our outdoor shoot ? I know some favourite and stunning locations around the area. However if you have a particular favourite walk or special place please do get in touch.

What if we want to go further afield for photos?Please just let me know and we can discuss this.

Can we invite extended family along to our session? If you would like to invite extended family, I recommend booking one of my outdoor double sessions for extended families.

Do you offer Black & White images? Yes your gallery will include some Black & White images, when you receive your gallery if you would like any more images edited in Black & White, this can be arranged for an additional fee.

Do you offer prints and frames? Yes! Your gallery will include a link to your own shop to order prints and frames direct. I also offer bespoke orders if you have something speific in mind. You will find more information on this when you receive your online gallery of images.

Hello Folks!

Let me tell you something about the photograph of me above. The sun was setting, I had just climbed out of the shower and thought I’ll photograph myself. There was no more preparation than that. I have honed my craft to capture light; set my camera and document what I see. Beyond this, I have realised over the years it’s about capturing the ‘you’ in you. I knew as I saw the image that I recognised her, ‘yep that’s me!’ The goofy grin; the hair that is never done. I knew that I could share that honest image.  People would view me as I perceive them, unique in all our foibles, yet each a beautiful creation. 

My work is not just about making beautiful images but portraying the characters and emotions filling them.

Family Session at Loch Garten

Butterfly Dress-up
In Mummy’s arms at home
Turning One in Cairngorms National Park