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Our Mission

We chose the name “Organic Themes” because we felt it reflected our personal lifestyles, and suited our approach to the design and development of WordPress themes. Organic Themes are professionally designed without excessive flashy effects, gradients, drop shadows and other unnecessary added “hormones” of the design world. In addition, our code is clean, easy to understand, and the theme options are not overwhelming. This allows for faster load times, setup and customization of your theme.

With an Organic Theme, you receive a beautifully designed, complete theme as it was meant to function on the WordPress platform.

We believe that less can be more. Monster themes, bloated code and frameworks aren’t always the best solution. The WordPress platform is such a powerful content management system by itself, there’s really no need to tamper with it.

The Team

David Morgan

Founder, Designer, Developer

David was born and raised in the swamps of Central Florida. He stumbled in to design after graduating from UCF with a degree in Computer Animation. He moved to Hawaii in 2007 and started a freelance design company. In 2009, David and Jeff began creating Organic Themes. David’s expertise lies in graphic design, HTML and CSS development. His passions are surfing, hiking, fishing and anything else involving the ocean. David currently resides in Sarasota, FL.

Twitter: ItsDavidMorgan
Personal Site:

Jeff Milone

Founder, Developer

Born and raised in Florida, Jeff earned degrees in marketing and IT before settling into web development over 4 years ago. For the past 3 years he has run a successful freelance operation, focused exclusively on WordPress, developing front and back end solutions. Jeff remains a consummate outdoorsman, splitting his time between Hawaii and Florida.

Twitter: JeffMilone
Personal Site:

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