Catriona provides wedding, Portrait and Commercial photography in Cairngorms National Park.

Catriona Parmenter is a photographer based in Cairngorms National Park, ideally placed to create your wedding, family & business photography. 

There are three main areas to her business; natural wedding photography, lifestyle family portraits and authentic branding photography. Ultimately, it’s all about people!

Catriona Parmenter is a visual storyteller. From forever vows to the here and now, her photography captures what matters to you most: your loved ones and wee ones, your brand or your business, and the moments—both big and small—that you will look back on for many years to come. This is because people and relationships are central to her work. Father and son. Girl in nature. Two true loves. Her particular gift is in forging connections with her camera. The result is much more than representing people or products in their best light: in her hands, every photograph is heartfelt and personal; an heirloom in the making.

Beginning as an artist in textiles , her love of the decorative—of shape and colour and how they work together—underlies her distinctive style.

Sensitive, relaxed, unassuming, fun: these are the words that her clients use to describe the experience of working with Catriona. Before your shoot, she takes time to gather what she needs to capture the uniqueness of you, your family, your wedding or your business. “I don’t just take your picture. Your project is a meaningful collaboration and I invest my whole heart in the making of it. Let’s create something together.”

“Let’s create something together”